Fidel Counsulting

Fidel focuses on core IT/Technology positions and addresses the layer that is not much affected by local business logic or knowhow. With a local and global pool of candidates, Fidel focuses on addressing the business problem by delivery technology savvy human capital.

Our Services

Permanent Staffing

Fidel identifies the best matching candidates, scrutinizes them to re-assess the selection and introduces the candidate to the client.

Temporary Staffing

This option is project or specific initiative centric when there is a requirement for human capital for a specific duration. In such cases, Fidel addresses the need by proposing candidates for temporary and duration specific basis.

Managed Services

Fidel works with clients, where Fidel IT staff visits regularly to the client site as well as on ad hoc basis and addresses technology issues.

Interim Staffing/ Consulting

Fidel has assisted such clients with interim management whereby Fidel managers take over the process for a short duration and works with existing staff to assist in daily operations

Captive Team Unit Services

Fidel sets up a dedicated team for its client either nearshore (within Japan) or overseas (offshore). Fidel understands the process, setup rules based on client requirements and then performs the operations with deliverables.

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